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Let Us Help YOU Tame Your Financial Life!

First, if you need a job, let us know, we may have something right here in the bank. We are very involved in our community and have a long lasting relationship with our town business owner's and community services.

If you are in need of special financing arrangements, please come in. We can help you! If you would like to mail us your information so we may contact you, please fill out our form. Remember, we are here for YOU!

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Weather - Fayette

Current Conditions for Fayette, MS
Partly Cloudy
75ºFPartly Cloudy
Feels Like: 80ºF
Humidity: 89%
Wind: 1 MPH CLM
Wednesday 93ºF 73ºF
Thursday 94ºF 73ºF
Friday 96ºF 72ºF
Saturday 97ºF 72ºF
Sunday 96ºF 73ºF


Weather - Greenville

Current Conditions for Greenville, MS
Mostly Clear
74ºFMostly Clear
Feels Like: 76ºF
Humidity: 95%
Wind: 13 MPH S
Wednesday 95ºF 74ºF
Thursday 95ºF 74ºF
Friday 96ºF 74ºF
Saturday 97ºF 73ºF
Sunday 97ºF 73ºF


Weather - Rosedale

Current Conditions for Rosedale, MS
Feels Like: 80ºF
Humidity: 92%
Wind: 5 MPH SW
Wednesday 96ºF 74ºF
Thursday 96ºF 74ºF
Friday 98ºF 73ºF
Saturday 98ºF 72ºF
Sunday 98ºF 72ºF