About Us

Jefferson Bank serves YOU!
We are a "Full Service Bank" located in Fayette and Greenville, Mississippi.

The Jefferson Bank was originally chartered as Jefferson County Bank, October 10, 1900 recorded in the book of incorporations, by J.L. Power, Secretary of State, State of Mississippi. Jefferson County Bank was purchased by Southeast Arkansas Bank Corporation of Lake Village, Arkansas on May 30 , 1997. By articles of amendment to the charter of incorporation, the name was changed to the The Jefferson Bank, August 15, 1997. The Jefferson Bank is an affiliate of the Bank of Lake Village, Lake Village, Arkansas. The Jefferson Bank is located at 219 Main Street, Fayette Mississippi, in the original building as chartered. On July 1, 1998, The Jefferson Bank opened its branch at 1645 Martin Luther King South, Greenville, Mississippi.

Jefferson County was organized in 1799 as Mississippi's second county and was named for Thomas Jefferson President of the United States when the county was formed. Fayette, is the county seat of Jefferson county. Some of its historical attractions are: Springfield Plantation, Rosswood Plantation, Christ Episcopal Church, Rodney Presbyterian Church and Natchez Trace